You have a story to tell. You just need help telling it. I can help.

I provide story mentoring (often called ghostwriting) to emerging thought leaders with a “big idea,” the most powerful thing in the world. A big idea is a new insight, a revelation, or an ancient wisdom retold. I guide you in the process of developing your idea into a narrative that resonates. We develop a memoir, a personal essay/statement, or a business book and a Ted-Talk-style presentation to deliver your idea. You pair them to increase your impact and change the world.

If you are an expert in your area, have accomplished something amazing, or have lived a life so unusual no one would believe it, then you may be a thought leader. You have something to contribute to others. In a sense, it’s not about you. It’s about them.

I am selective with whom I work. If you have a sense of humility, of humor, a sense of something greater than yourself, then we can talk.

My mission is to help you bring big ideas into the public narrative. My vision is a public discourse informed by the big ideas.