1. How Much Does This Cost?

I work with a flat fee. Prices are negotiated on a per-project-basis.

We can craft the project that works best for you (just a talk, blog support, a memoir, any combination).

2. Can You Guarantee I’ll Be Published?

If you elect to “self-publish,” yes. I recommend Telemachus Press (http://www.telemachuspress.com), which produces e-books and print-on-demand books for sale on the internet (such as Amazon). Why submit your book to the whims of the traditional publishing industry, which is being disrupted?

3. Do I Have Time For This?

Yes. You have devoted years to your journey. Now that you have returned with the fire, you should make the time to share what you know.

4. How Long Will This Take?

For a talk/memoir, I offer a one-year process (and a six-month accelerated process). We agree upon a schedule, deadlines, and outcomes. We can go from concept to manuscript and your final presentation in a year, so long as you keep with the schedule. The process is designed to work alongside your busy life.

Other projects have other, appropriate schedules.

5. Am I Surrendering My Privacy?

No. We will have a confidentiality agreement. You decide what becomes public.

6. Do You Know What You Are Doing?

Yes. As a trial lawyer, I have spent my professional life forming persuasive narratives from given facts. I have shaped stories from the facts of my own life and told them on stage. I have studied the story forms, narrative principles, and editing. I know how to make complex ideas simple to understand and seemingly boring topics fascinating. I have been through the workshopping process at writers’ conferences. I am fascinated by ideas and the life stories of others – I hope I can shepherd you through the process of sharing your story.

7. Is This Worth My Time?

Yes. When you shape your story, you shape the meaning of your life. It’s an amazingly fulfilling process. If you have not worked with memoir or personal essay, you will be surprised at how your patterns mirror the mythic story forms, and how your journey matches the monomyth of the hero’s journey. And just as every hero returns to share what she learned, you will want to do the same. Be the hero of your life.

8. What Will The Finished Products Be?

Our goal is a manuscript of 80,000 words (which is about 240 – 280 pages) and an engaging, twenty minute talk which you can deliver without notes.

9. Why a Book and a Talk?

To make an impact, you need both. Think of a musician: she has recorded music and live performances.

10. What Am I Waiting For?

Nothing. Take the next step. E-mail me. Tell me who you are, your idea, and your vision. Ckriesen@cyrano-story.com.