Christopher P. Kriesen

About Christopher P. Kriesen:

I hold a Master’s in English (with Distinction) from Trinity College and a Juris Doctor from the University of Connecticut School of Law. I have attended the Yale Writer’s Conference (Memoir with Jon Levy, Flash Fiction with Molly Gaudry, and Memoir with Larry Bloom), David Freeman’s Beyond Stucture seminar, and Robert McKee’s Story Seminar in NYC. I have also told true stories on stage with Speak Up in venues such as the Yale Cabaret, Infinity Hall, and The Connecticut Storytelling Festival. I have lived in Paris, London, and Kailua, Hawaii. I now live in Connecticut with my wife and daughter.

I blog here. You can hear reviews of my stage stories I am a Titan here and Returning to the Surface here.

Writing Samples:

Mt. Rainier. Just Don’t Break.

60 Mile an Hour Winds